Mitigation Planning
AWE has been providing cost-conscious and innovative mitigation solutions (including
designing, permitting, and constructing seasonal wetland, open water, vernal pool, marsh,
riparian, and upland mitigation habitats) for clients since our inception.  Collectively, our
projects range in size from less than a half-acre to more than 2
,400 acres.

Our extensive experience working through the planning, design, and implementation (i.e.,
construction, maintenance, and monitoring) phases of these regulatory-driven projects
offers clients comprehensive service, streamlined communications between clients and
agencies, and expedited project execution.  Further, because of our extensive knowledge of
wildlife ecology and plant biology, we are often able to offer substantially less expensive
regulatory agency-approved alternatives that result in successful and cost-effective project
 Mitigation & Mitigation Banking

  • Remedial Measure

  • Adaptive Management

  • Pre-project Surveys and

  • Revegetation Design and

  • Mitigation Planning, Design,
    and Monitoring Operation and
    Maintenance Plans

  • Conservation

  • Habitat Construction Design

  • Mitigation Bank Establishment

  • Heavy Equipment Operation
    and Oversight to Support
    Habitat Construction

  • Interim Maintenance
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