Surveys & Compliance Monitoring
For projects adjacent to special-status species/habitat or cultural resources,
pre-construction surveys and construction monitoring are often conditions of
permitting that must be met in order to move forward with construction.  
Understanding permit requirements, mitigation measures, and applicable
regulations, and how to implement these elements in a fast-paced construction
environment is a crucial aspect to ensuring a project is completed on time and
within budget.

AWE specialists routinely conduct pre-construction surveys, provide environmental
awareness training for construction personnel, and monitor construction activities to
ensure biological and cultural permit commitments and stormwater pollution
prevention measures are maintained.  Further, we proactively  work with contractors
to identify issues before they arise so that construction crews can keep working.

  • Biological and Cultural Surveys

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention
    Plans (SWPPP)

  Construction & Post-construction

  • Worker Environmental
    Awareness Training

  • Biological Monitoring

  • Cultural Monitoring

  • Monitoring Reports

  • Post-construction Monitoring
    and Reporting
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